Iowa State Trapshooting Association*

Illinois Trap Shooters Association*


  • You begin with 5 shooters at 5 stations, which there is 5 shots from each station. 1 round = 25 shots

  • There is also money rounds:

    • Brother in law: you draw a number from 1-10 so each partner is at random. There is 2 men at each station. If you call for hte bird and happen to miss your partner is allowed to shoot and pick up the point. 1 round = 20 shoots

    • Oakley: there is no specific number of shooters that can particiapte in this match. There is 3 man ready to shoot, the first man calls for the bird, if he misses, the 2nd man must try and hit the bird. The 3rd man just has the option to shoot. When a shooter gets 2 bumps then they are out. The oaklye goes on until 1 man is left standing.

  • This match is every Wedneday night beginning at 4:00 P.M. April through October

  • The Club House offers hot dogs $1, brats $1.50, pop and bottled water for 50 cents